Snapshot – When ridership increases, so should subway service

crowded platform

Photo by Len Maniace

No more room available on the subway platform at 9:35 a.m. today except for the yellow zones next to the tracks, which the Transit Authority tells us to avoid. Photo taken at the Manhattan-bound, Roosevelt Avenue-Jackson Heights Station.
-Len Maniace


About lenmaniace

Award-winning writer and editor who has worked as a journalist and a corporate communications professional specializing in environmental sustainability and public health policy. Experience includes successful media outreach for a Manhattan publicity firm. Board member and president of a community-based nonprofit. Founder and leader of a series of successful park, art and environmental programs in Jackson Heights, Queens, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the nation’s most diverse city. * Executive Editor at Elsevier, a leading scientific and medical publisher. * Publicist, Media Advisor, Social Media Manager (part-time) at Monteiro & Co., a book-marketing company that specializes in business management, economics and politics. * Reporter (part-time) at the New York Post, specializing in breaking news in the world’s most competitive media market. * Senior Writer and Editor at The Journal News/, Gannett’s daily news outlet in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties. Specialized in health policy and environmental sustainability issues * President the Jackson Heights Beautification Group, a volunteer nonprofit civic organization in Queens, N.Y. Leader of its innovative environmental sustainability programs, including the Green Agenda for Jackson Heights.
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One Response to Snapshot – When ridership increases, so should subway service

  1. Barrie says:

    Scary! This already bad situation got much worse when the MTA decided to route the M train through Jackson Heights. Unfortunately, probably nothing will be done until something truly horrible happens.

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