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Written off by some, the natural world rebounds in NYC

By Len Maniace To paraphrase Mark Twain –  reports of nature’s death in New York City have been much exaggerated. And given some help, nature can thrive in our city. That’s what leading experts from government and nonprofit groups told … Continue reading

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Did state really OK Flushing Meadows shopping mall in 1961?

Full disclosure: The author of this article is president of the Jackson Heights Beautification Group, a civic and environmental nonprofit that has contributed funding for the lawsuit opposing the shopping mall at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. By Len Maniace The David … Continue reading

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New York looks for lessons in successful UK parks

By Len Maniace With New Yorkers facing the chronic under funding of their parks, there were important lessons– both hopeful and cautionary – to be gleaned from a talk by a veteran parks official from the United Kingdom last week. … Continue reading

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Breaking News – Mayor rejects plan to boost park funding

By Len Maniace Mayor de Blasio’s spending plan for the city omitted a City Council proposal to increase park spending by $27.5 million aimed at narrowing the gap between New York’s have and have-not parks. The mayor’s proposed city budget is not … Continue reading

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Mere sprouts now, soon they will transform a salt marsh

This is the second installment in series about the changing seasons at a New York salt marsh, a site that had been partly buried under fill, but recently restored by the city. By Len Maniace The sky was blue, the … Continue reading

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Winter exits, but marsh and meadow await spring’s entrance

By Len Maniace Snow and ice are gone from the marshes and meadows of Alley Pond Park in Queens, but winter’s left its mark. Last year’s tall reeds are laid flat by repeated snows; the fall’s  brilliant leaves have aged … Continue reading

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No more ‘Tale of Two Cities’ for our parks

By Len Maniace Most New Yorkers need only take a walk in the park to find an example of Mayor de Blasio’s “Tale of Two Cities.” Our high-profile parks  – Central Park, Madison Square Park and  High Line Park to … Continue reading

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